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Artex Creative is a leading full-service Jacksonville web design agency. We are a fully integrated consulting studio made up of award-winning web designers, industry leading programmers, and pioneer marketers who have set conversion records.

We are the bold thinkers, the innovators, the trend setters, and we are the creative imaginations that create extraordinary results. Let’s be honest, any Jacksonville web design agency can create you a “functional” website. But can they capture the unique essence of your business, address your goals, and all while delivering a captivating user experience for your visitors that leaves them with a lasting impression that is worth remembering? We do it all the time!

Creating beautiful websites is the flagship service of our Jacksonville web design agency, but we do so much more than that. We also offer search engine optimization, digital marketing, advertising, print graphics, branding, logo design, and pretty much everything else that is designed to attract, engage, and communicate with your consumers.

It is no secret that we love what we do, and we are certainly very good at it. Our full-service Jacksonville web design agency would love to work with you regardless or your location around the globe.

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Web Design and the Science Behind a User Interface

The secret behind our Jacksonville web design success is that we have accepted web design as both a science and as an art. It is rare to find web designers that are capable of blending the two together seamlessly, and that is partially due to how other agencies operate.

Some agencies believe that a successful web design is all in the visuals. They create some pretty banners, throw in some calls to action, have a good color flow and they're done. The problem with that is there was no conversion optimizations, no information hierarchy, and in many cases no focus on the science behind user experience design. The results: a pretty website that may not convert well and doesn't really do much for the overall user experience.

On the other hand, there are agencies who focus heavily on user experience, but mostly the science behind it. These agencies create designs with a strong conversion optimization, strong information hierarchy, but they fail to bring out the captivating visuals or innovative features that users are often drawn to. Sure the website may convert, but only if they can keep the visitor's attention on it long enough.

Our Jacksonville Web Design team begins each project with research on your target audience, and learning what they may all share in common with one another. We create our conversion map, our information hierarchy, and plan our user experience around those factors. From the wireframe that we have planned, we design your website with stunning visuals and innovative features to work in harmony with our conversion maps.

While entertaining the visitors on your website is definitely important, it's usually not the purpose for a website. Whether it is to sell a product, a service, or to generate leads. Our websites are designed around their intended purpose first, making them just as effective as they are attractive.

Optimized Jacksonville Web Design and SEO

Content may always be king, but if your website was poorly coded even the best optimized content may still not be enough to get your website in a favorable position in the rankings. This goes to prove that SEO always begins with your web design, and how your website is laid out.

Factors like having an invalid web design markup, bad information hierarchy, slow load times, and especially not having a website that is responsive for smart-phones or tablets will likely have an effect on your ranking. Most of these factors are considered signs of a possibly bad user experience, and that's not how you want to be perceived by the search engines.

The search industry is just as competitive as any market, and they each want to deliver the best results to their traffic. If your website is considered bad for user experience, you'll likely not be considered among the best possible results.

Another important factor to consider is the actual user experience of your website. If users bounce early from your page without taking the time to browse around or convert, the search engines see this as a sign of a low quality website that has a bad user experience. There's so much more involved, but the point has already been made. Quality web design plays an important role in Search Engine Optimization.

Our Jacksonville web design team has already been formally trained for SEO, and they actively use search engine friendly valid markup, and a proper information hierarchy when creating your website. Whether or not you decide to start with our SEO services, your website is already designed to be SEO ready should you choose to start our optimization services at a later time. Although it is not required, It is still optimal to initiate your SEO plan before the creation of your website. This allows our Jacksonville web design team to pre design each of your pages around their keywords.

The Best Web Design Agency in Jacksonville Florida But don't just take our word for it... check out our portfolio and judge for yourself!

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As your full-service Jacksonville web design agency, we bridge the gap between you and your consumers. We handle all of the campaigns and technical jargon which gives you a peace of mind so that you can focus on running your business the way you know best. Because design, marketing, optimization, and running campaigns is what we do best.

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