The All New Artex Creative


We are excited to present to you the all new Artex Creative website, and introduce you to our new team! We have grown from a small Jacksonville web design company into a full-blown creative agency. The web has certainly evolved, but so has our agency, and that is what gives us our competitive edge. Our new website is a reflection of our collective personalities, our creativity, and our determination to stand out and be different. Browse around and let us know what you think!

Looking back on the past years, and the evolution of Artex Creative.

Artex Creative officially started in 2001 as Artex Studios LLC. While the company was based in Atlanta Georgia, much of its roots were located here in North Florida. Our company was founded by two industry leading web developers with a vision to challenge the ordinary and to create lasting impressions for online audiences world wide. That vision holds true unto today more than ever!

In mid 2013 Artex Creative opened as the Jacksonville office of Artex Studios LLC, and it wasn’t long after that when Artex Creative INC became the parent company taking in Artex Studios as a subsidiary company. We are now home in Jacksonville, and with the growing demands of our local industry we have expanded to meet the challenge.

Artex Creative Website Evolution

Changing the company meant having a design that better represented our company personality. We have spent the past two months researching, planning, and developing our new website around that personality. The new Artex Creative website has met the challenges and goals that we have set for ourselves, and as time passes it will evolve with our company as planned.
Artex Creative Website Old vs New

Along with our new website we had to create a new brand experience, a new campaign, and create a color spectrum that was suitable for such a versatile company.

Artex Creative

The New Artex Creative

While many names and faces have changed with Artex Creative, our pursuit of quality, positive impressions, and being the trend setters of our industry has never faded away. We have added leaders in Search Engine Optimization, Digital Marketing, User Experience Design (UXD), Advertising, and Brand Development.

We are under new management, and we have hired a new client relations director which improves our customer service and our response time. While we are currently loaded with talent, we are still in the process of bringing back industry legends from our previous years in our history, and we are also looking to hire new talent that meets our strict qualifications. Browse our website and let us know what you think of the new Artex Creative!