The Process of a professional web design


At Artex Creative we pride ourselves with our ability to give our clients a professional web design that is better than their competitors’ websites, attractive to their audience, and very effective with conversions. To achieve these desired results we use a proven science with our design and marketing strategies, this is what not only separates us from our competitors, but makes us the most effective Jacksonville web design agency.

Professional Web Design Process

To demonstrate how our professional web design process works we’re going to use a recent client’s website for this article. The client that we will be using as an example is Cornerstone Home Painting, a Jacksonville home painting company.

Cornerstone Web Design Process

01. Project Discovery

Cornerstone scheduled a meeting with our team to review their existing brand and to discuss the concerns they were having with their website, their low traffic, and their lack of conversions.

Below is a list of the main issues that we found on the original Cornerstone website and their brand.

  • Poor quality, and non user-friendly web design.
  • Generic Logo / identity.
  • Low quality website copy.
  • Website was very slow to load.
  • Website could not be found in search even by company name.
  • Website did little to describe the services or company purpose.
  • Website and branded material had no wow factor.

Below is a screen capture of the old Cornerstone website.

Cornerstone Old Website

02. Project Research

Our team researched the local home painting companies to learn more about their marketing strategies, we also researched the activities of the ideal audience for our client, and we created false personas to represent both their ideal customer, and their other likely customers. We used our research and our personas to develop a plan that would produce the most desired results for our client.

After our research and final meeting with Cornerstone, we decided the following services would be best suited for them.

03. Sitemap, Wireframe, and Concept Design

As with any professional web design process, the challenges of building a website for both the search engines and the website visitors at the same time have to be met from the start. The website has to be user-friendly, attractive, informative, and wrapped around keywords / key-phrases so that the search engines can quickly identify the topic of the page and rank it accordingly.

To keep the information flow simple for the visitors, we define the page hierarchy with a sitemap. Along with the sitemap we create the website wireframe, basically the skeleton structure of how the pages will be laid out and where vital content will be placed. We use proven usability and information hierarchy strategies to create a positive user experience for the visitors.

Below is an example of the sitemap and wireframes designed for Cornerstone.

Professional Web Design Process - Sitemap - Wireframe

04. Final Design and Launch

We create a visual design that carefully follows the structure and strategies based on our sitemap and wireframe concepts. We use proven color theory, proper typography, attractive media, and optimized programming to deliver the desirable results.

Within the first three weeks after launch, this website has quickly climbed the search engine results for the target keywords, and had its first organic lead come through from the search results. See the evolution of Cornerstone below.

Cornerstone Web Design Evolution

Full view:
Cornerstone Responsive Web Design

You can view the results live at: