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SEO and Copywriting

Are you a strategic wordsmith?  We’re looking for skilled copywriters to join the Artex team.  Your content will be used for print campaigns, scripts, blogs, and site content for Search Engine Optimization. We expect you to be amazing and we expect your content to be proven in search engines.  You will be our voice for the company as well as other companies.  Advance your SEO Career with us!

We are currently experiencing a rapid growth and are in need of a SEO copywriters.  All clients have different needs, for each client you will need to create content that not only reflects their brand, product, or campaign but also is relevant to the search engines.  We expect you to keep up with all the upcoming changes regarding google algorithms and be very knowledgeable about page ranking. You will be responsible for setting tones through words to express or convey the right message.  The last thing we want is robotic sounding text that is boring.  We provide a fun working environment, but do not require you to work in office.  However, WE DO NOT OUTSOURCE WORK TO OTHER COUNTRIES.  Please do not ask.  Any resume or emails submitted for outsourced work abroad will be rejected. This position is available to the super experienced as well as amazingly talented interns with a thirst for knowledge.



  • Develop strategic SEO campaigns
  • Enrich the brand’s creative voice, develop an understanding of the brand
  • Facilitate your own research for SEO and client content
  • Have high standards of excellence for written communication and proofreading
  • Work quickly and effectively under tight deadlines
  • Create monthly SEO reports and formulate plans to improve SEO regarding data obtained
  • Work closely with the development department to ensure quality assurance


  • 3+ years experience in SEO Copywriting
  • Have strong communications skills
  • Have a proven track record for ranking pages in search engines
  • Must have a deep understanding of collecting page analytics and using SEO tools
  • Be fluent in Microsoft Excel, Word, and Outlook
  • The ideal candidate will have basic knowledge of HTML 5 and CSS
  • Ideally you are a self starter, highly motivated, and work well under pressure

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