Jacksonville Digital Marketing

Professional web design, digital marketing, consulting, and corporate identity solutions

Artex Creative is a Jacksonville web design, and digital marketing agency that is loaded with pure talent, creativity, and an undying competitive spirit. Our campaigns are powered by our big ideas, our bold attitudes, and our proven strategies that provoke thoughts, inspires emotions, and demands attention to your company or brand.

Our digital marketing solutions are designed to reach your audience and inspire them to engage with your campaign. We create a proven strategy that is backed by our marketing sciences to generate favorable results. Our marketers are among the pioneers of the digital marketing industry, and they have produced record conversions by using these proven methods.

We research your target audience to discover every possible common ground that they may share, and we divide them into groups based on multiple common interests. Our research allows us to create cost effective campaigns to reach out to your target audience based on those groups. This is the very foundation behind our digital marketing science.

Our digital marketing services include conversion focused responsive web design, search engine optimization, pay-per-click, social media marketing, print marketing, advertising, and corporate branding.

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Print Marketing, and Advertisement

Our digital marketing solutions also include traditional marketing services such as television and radio advertisement, billboards, and even print marketing material. We use our consumer research to match our advertisement solutions with the right demographics of your target audience. Once we launch your ad campaign, we monitor the results so that we can make all of the necessary adjustments to produce the best possible results.

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Pay-Per-Click and Search Optimization

Our Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaigns and our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) requires a website audit if we did not design the website for you. A website that is not built to be optimized for conversions, or designed to be SEO friendly could cause our services to have little or no effect at all.

While content is indeed king with SEO, the code and layout of your website still plays a defining factor in how you're ranked. If the content hierarchy is flawed, or the web design code isn't optimal, your optimization could be held back from ranking for relevancy. Which would also hurt any PPC campaign that you attempt to run since the costs per click are adjusted by how relevant the page is to the terms that you're attempting to advertise for.

The final part of our audit will determine your website's conversion optimization factor. Driving organic or even paid traffic to your website would be costly, and total wasted effort if you're unable to convert them into a sale. Such a bad experience could also leave your traffic with a bad impression making them less likely to revisit the website in the future.