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C.L. Wilson has been a long standing client of Artex Creative. She originally contacted us a few years back after becoming a break out author with many of her novels landing on the New York Times Best Selling List and USA Today for designing a fan based e-commerce website. She has also contracted us several times for custom art pieces for her novels such as the maps. C.L. Wilson recently decided her pervious site was in need of a full redesign. Her previous site was starting to drop many of her dedicated fan base because the website was not responsive, load times were too high, and the page was too cluttered and didn’t provide the unique fantasy experience she wanted them to have.

We presented her with two different highly interactive responsive website designs that was created with the soul intention of providing the “C.L. Wilson Experience” to her fan base. Some of the effects that made it into the final version included: a responsive parallax background banner based on her current released novel, quotes on top of the banner that fade in/out from her current released novel, 3-D novels that open when hovered, a hover based world map that reveals important information about geographical regions, and so much more. We created several custom plugins to allow her to manage specific novel content which includes updating book videos and manage links to purchase the novel, a custom events manager with a custom calendar, and quotes manager.

Since the launching of the new C.L. Wilson website, she has experienced a high influx of traffic in which people are staying on the website site longer than ever. She has also noted that her book sales are also on the rise as a result of the new website. She reported that the new website has received lots of positive feedback from her fans and she feels that we have accomplished providing her fans with the “C.L. Wilson experience”. Click the link below to view the brand new responsive website for C.L. Wilson:

C.L Wilson

C.L. Wilson

InteractiveHover Map


We created two responsive image based hover maps for her two different worlds based on the novel series: The Fading Lands and Weathermages of Mystral. The most complicated map was that of Eloran for the Fading Lands which consisted of 8 unique hoverable map sections. The challenge associated with this project was scaled due to the amount of traffic that hits the site per hour. These interactive maps had to be large enough to maintain readability, had to be responsive, and had to load quickly even under high volume of traffic. We had to figure out a way to condense the file sizes while maintaining fluid aspect ration as the maps scales down/up depending on screen size.

We also created a custom plugin for the individual worlds in order to help C.L. Wilson expand and maintain the content for the individual worlds, books associated with the series, and content as she writes new novels about the series.