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The Complete Prepper Store is one of the largest online retailers for all doomsday prepping and survival gear. The Complete Prepper Store features a massive inventory of over 7,000 prepper and survival products from over 30 nationwide vendors.

Currently more than 65% of all Americans identify themselves as a prepper, but not all of them are open about their prepper identity. The Complete Prepper Store wanted to present itself in a way that would not make the majority of their shoppers feel embarrassed about being a prepper, and it was designed to cater to preppers of all types. The main goal of this website includes educating the public, providing a massive inventory, and affordable packages to help kick-start those who are interested in becoming a prepper.


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Complete Prepper Store

Complete Prepper Store

The Complete Prepper Store had many challenges that needed to be addressed both early and throughout the duration of the project development. The e-commerce platform had to be custom created to allow for over 30 shipping locations with more than 3 different shipping providers depending on the location and product. This e-commerce software also had to developed to handle payment plans, a massive product inventory, and a secure payment system.