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Cornerstone Home Painting is a local Jacksonville residential painting company. When they originally approached us it was because their current website could not be found in the search engines and none of their marketing material was converting. We did an in depth analysis of their target audience, and we formed a strategic plan to get them lead conversions.

It all starts with a well designed corporate identity. The previous logo cornerstone had was a very generic logo that resembled all the other “cornerstone” logos out there…. We wanted to give them their own identity with a new color scheme that would appeal to upper to middle class women who want to repaint their home, but don’t want to do it themselves. In the branding process we created the new logo by combining the letter ‘C’ with a 3-D cube which makes a cornerstone. From that we redesigned business cards, uniforms, door hangers, yard signs and more to match their new branding.

We applied the branding to the new web design to create a beautiful new website for Cornerstone that involved a rich color palate and welcoming fonts to capture the target audience. The new website was built for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and has already been performing well soon after launch. It’s also above marks on user engagement and the click through rates. See the new design here:

Cornerstone Home Painting

Cornerstone Home Painting SEO Web Design

CornerstonePaint Selector


When we were creating the design for the responsive website, cornerstone mentioned that they'd really like to have a method on their website for people to get inspired and choose bold colors. They said, many home owners know it's time to paint their homes but get stuck because they don't know what color to paint their home. They really wanted people to have a complete experience by being able to select from multiple colors that may help them decide to officially have their home painted.

We decided to give them a fully responsive home color selector that a user can interact with and see how various colors make a room look. Currently, this unique interactive website feature has 12 colors a user can play with. There are currently plans to extend this project so that it will also feature the house exterior. We also plan on adding color combinations to this feature shortly.