Creating New DirectionsNon-Profit Campaign


Creating a New Direction is a nonprofit that focuses on troubled youth from ages 18-25. For branding, we had to create a concept that visually conveys the message of moving in one direction and then abruptly changing and moving forward. The challenge: create empathy and understanding through visual aspects to a group of people who are often overlooked by society or even looked down on for their actions and lifestyle. The fact is our youth is in a state of decay and it isn’t their fault. The first step to convey the message will be through an interactive rotator banner. The banner will feature a young man moving forward. There are clearly two paths in front of him, one a life of success; the other represents a life of suffering. The user is proposed a question: Will you help them? The user can select either to help them, or to do nothing. When the user has selected the banner will rotate either to the left (despair) or right (success). This process of discovery represents how their actions will change the direction of another human beings life, promoting empathy. The message of empathy will be carried down to the remainder of the site as listed below.

This site will be fully responsive and viewable on all browsers. We choose to open with a bottom loading navigation that will move to the top of the website when they scroll down, and remain at the top of the page thereafter. We will also be incorporating jquery scroll actions as you move down the page to animate images.

Research was collected to determine how youth is affected by poverty, pop culture, divorce, and the education system. What was found was that children in a single parent household would often grow up in poverty. These children often do not graduate either college or high school. They become depressed from their living situation and from the lack of a family hierarchy. They reach out to outside sources, which further corrupt them. Typically their behavior becomes violent or they take part in risky situations such as sexual activity and drugs at a young age. Both the problem and the solution are visually presented on the home page. We also will display multiple success stories to further promote the CND cause.

A social campaign called #forOurFuture is also presented so that the user becomes involved in the cause as well as the brand. This will tie together social media with the website. The campaign is also a reference to the fact that the declining youth is our future and they should be protected and nurtured. It is time to change the direction of the youth of today! Check out their non-profit website design here:



Non-Profit Campaign Creating New Directions



Because CND was a new nonprofit, they needed everything from the ground up. We created an entire printing project which included business cards, t-shirts, hats, brochures, billboard ads, and more. The next phase for CND will be a commercial shoot that will air on the CW network. We've also organized several TV interviews for them to get the cause out there and get funding for it.