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Greenway Auto Sales is a used luxury car dealership located in the heart of Jacksonville, FL. They realized they had no traffic on their website and the traffic that came in bounced off their page entirely too fast, that is except for spam bots which frequently crawled their site and loaded down their emails with. That’s where we came into help them. We held an in-depth meeting with them to learn how they wanted users to experience both their brand and their website. We throughly researched their target audience and started putting together a UI/UX (user interface / user experience) breakdown that would help them to increase conversions on their website.

This breakdown included new navigation that would allow the users to easily navigate throughout the website and easily access the online car inventory. The vehicle inventory management offered on their previous website was a nightmare for both them and their customers. Users hated the visuals of previous website and couldn’t find the essential information on the vehicle. Then, if a user was going to select a vehicle, there was no way to start the process other then calling or going up to the location. We made a clean interface that is easy to view all essential information, linked to the car story so users can pull all reports that are linked to the vehicle’s VIN number, and put a link to finance the car in a very easy to find place. This new system also cleaned up a lot of the mess to add vehicles and update vehicle information.

The new website is centered around high impact graphics and metallic colors. We are currently setting up a 3D category system which we plan to launch in the next few months as an improvement to the website. This will be a 3D spinner which will feature a coupe, sedan, truck, and SUV. You can view the current website here:

Greenway Auto Sales

Greenway Auto Sales

Vehicle InventoryManagement


Currently over 60% of all web traffic is from mobile users and that trend is expected to rise to 80% within the next year or two. When we approached the vehicle management system we knew we were going to have to create a design that was appealing and easy to view all information about the vehicle on both a desktop and a mobile device. We also made the financing form easy to view and complete the form on all devices.

The new software is tied to craigslist, facebook, ebay, autotrader, and and is easy to integrate and manage. The website and financing form is SSL protected. All web leads and forms send out an instant email notification. We have also set up complete analytics to know when, where, and the vehicles that people are viewing.

We outlined several goals to increase their car dealership business. These goals include, increasing traffic, increasing completed forms for vehicle financing, increasing time spent on the website, and getting people to share the website on social devices. We fully expect to increase conversions by 80% within the first milestone goal.