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Home X construction isn’t just an ordinary home construction company. They pride themselves on meticulous luxury craftsmanship and superb customer service. The challenge was to create a website and develop a new brand that embodies their work ethic as well as translates to their preferred clients.

To create their brand we selected tan, white, and black as the primary colors. Tan was selected because it was an off color of gold to symbolize luxury but also represent the organic colors of wood that a construction company may use throughout a persons home. We followed the color scheme throughout the website as well as their overall branding.

We created the website to have the look of a luxury home renovation/inspiration magazine that a person might browse through before updating their home. The ultimate goal of the site was to inspire the user without overwhelming or conveying too high of a price tag for this service company. Another important goal of the website was to build the design responsive and to guarantee it works seamlessly on all browsers. Impressed with this project? We are still in the initial stages of this project with expansion in the horizon.Check out the outcome of this Web Design Project:

HomeX Constructions

Web Design Home X Construction

One of a Kind Sliding Revealer


When we first met with the client he showed us incredible 3-D mocks that were created before construction began and the post construction result. We wanted to highlight how close the end construction and the 3-D mock were. We created an interactive slider to demonstrate the outcome in comparison to the initial concept.

Thousands of before and after sliders have been built; when we approached his mocks we wanted to build something as unique as his mocks. This meant we had to scrap any of the prebuilt sliders and build a type of slider that has never been built before, one on an angle. We decided to make the slider set at 3/4ths the width just enough to give the user a sneak peak and intrigue them.

The overall theme of the page was “inspired to have your dream home” created for you. Everyone has a different idea of what makes a dream home. We wanted users to feel confident that Home X construction could get the home they have dreamed about for years and this was only one of several interactive features throughout the site that we designed to achieve this.