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Sleep Care Centers of America is a new national sleep care management company for hospitals, their program is responsible for increasing overall hospital profits and quality of medical care. They also provide in-depth consultations for hospitals that are considering building a sleep care facility at their hospital. While they are new at providing sleep care management services, they have long specialized in sleep care medicine and are having extremely high success rates for the hospitals they are currently providing service to.

When the client approached us his main concern was establishing a brand that they could take on a national level as well as have print material to pass out and a website that would be highly informative. All of the material had to be ready for presentation within an extremely short time span of 2 weeks in which the client would be presenting Sleep Care Centers of America at a local medical convention. We were tasked with creating the brand, web design, and print material.

Two weeks following our meeting, Sleep Care Centers of America gave a show stoping performance with his new responsive website, printed handouts, and branding. They reported that they gained new hospitals to provide management services to as well as received lots of positive feedback from the new website and print. Click the link below to view the brand new responsive website for Sleep Care Centers of America:

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Sleep Care Centers of America

Sleep Care Center Web Design

Sleep CareBranding


As an emerging corporate hospital resource. We needed to create a brand that would demand authority, but also appeal to the CEOs of the various hospitals. We picked the color blue because it is a “corporate” color, and it is the color associated with both "sleep" and "medicine". We decided to play off the ‘S’ and the ‘C’ for Sleep Care and created a custom icon logo. The ‘S’ and ‘C’ fold into each other in soft lines that creates a person sleeping comfortably. We decided to set the text in small caps for authority and used a serif font to symbolize "reliability" and "knowledge".

Sleep Care Centers of America holds many executive meetings at golf courses and other private functions. To take advantage of brand awareness we designed an entire golf apparel set up which included a polo shirt, hat, and golf ball featuring the logo.

The other printed material included designs for business cards, stationary, and presentation folders. To the left, you can see the design we created for the business cards and stationary.